Chip conveyor

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Chip conveyor

The great experience gained in many years of collaboration with manufacturers and users of chip removal machines, allows us today to be able to offer our customers a wide range of products to make chip disposal simple, functional and efficient. filtration of the lubricant-coolant.


Our chip conveyors, in the various executions, find application both where spaces are limited and chip production is modest, and where large volumes to be disposed of and particularly heavy and wearing applications are encountered. The sliding tracks in the critical points are made of tempered steel and when necessary the coating can affect both the bottom and all the chain sliding guides.

Particularly flexible, they find application both in the disposal of extremely voluminous and tenacious chips, and in the disposal of small and malleable chips.

The structure is in watertight electro-welded sheet steel, with a very strong minimum thickness of 30/10. Where the conditions of use require it, anti-wear material is used or solutions are adopted to ensure greater durability over time.

Technical Data

31.75 mm
38.1 mm
50 mm
63.5 mm
75 mm e 100 mm

Belt chip conveyors metal gennari technical data
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Scraper conveyors are used when the chip is particularly fine. In this case, the porter scrapes the bottom of the structure bringing the material to be ejected up to the discharge. They are particularly suitable for integration with filtration systems.

Technical Data

31,75 mm
38.10 mm
50 mm
75 mm

scraper chip conveyors metal gennari technical data

Conveyors characterized by the presence of a magnetic belt with a steel bottom and magnets, particularly suitable for the transport and disposal of small and medium-sized metal scraps.

It represents an ideal evacuation system for the separation of any liquid from ferrous material.

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They represent an alternative to scraper conveyors, they are particularly suitable in the case of very chopped chips (or dust) and in the case of limited spaces as they are characterized by small dimensions.

The advancement of the chip is obtained by rotating a coil inside a cradle tapered on the diameter of the coil. In the presence of abrasive materials, the slide and the coil can be supplied in wear-resistant material.

Spare parts accessories

Metal Gennari offers the possibility to request spare parts for the main components of our chip conveyors (for example belt, pinions and pins). Download the complete spare parts list.


Metal Gennari, at its headquarters and with a prior estimate, offers the overhaul service of any transporter, whenever possible and economically advantageous for both parties.

The reparation activity consists of:

Disassembly and external washing

Restoration of the carpentry, reconstruction of slides and guides, if damaged

Partial or complete replacement of the carpet

Possible replacement of drive and / or return pinions, drive and / or return shaft, bearings

Reassembly and testing

Repainting is not foreseen (only on request)

The evacuator to be overhauled must be delivered to us free of liquid and chips.

In case of incompatibility with our spare parts, or if the overhaul is not economically advantageous, Metal Gennari is able to supply the new conveyor as per “sample”.

Special applcations

It is a conveyor indicated when the chip to be disposed of by the machine tool has to go through several changes of direction (in the example shown in the images a conveyor with a single 90 ° curve is represented).

It is recommended to use it in combination with an upward conveyor that will unload the chips into the appropriate collection container.

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Our chip disposal systems combined with our various filtration systems ensure effective and prolonged liquid cleaning for a wide range of machines and machined materials.

Furthermore, by equipping the plant with filter septum regeneration systems, filtrations up to an average of 30 microns can be achieved with very low maintenance interventions for cleaning the tanks.


Upward chip conveyor with belt pitch 75mm equipped with motorized retractable hopper and service balcony.


Combined dredging / carpet plant, capable of disposing and separating waste in plastic material, shavings in ferromagnetic material and shavings in non-ferromagnetic material.