Safety Housings

Made in Italy

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Safety Housings

In terms of safety at work, Metal Gennari represents the leading company for the production of safety housings (or accident prevention fairings). Continuous investments and accumulated experience have led the company to be able to cover any type of machine tool, with particular attention to aesthetics and practicality for the operators.

All fairings meet USL regulations and EC directives and adapt to customer needs. The delivery of the fairing is also followed by a product use and maintenance manual, different for each fairing.

Production is preceded (as for any other Metal Gennari product), by a three-dimensional customizable feasibility study which, after discussion with the customer, it leads to a customized product for users and not for the type of machine. This means that the same machine can be faired in different ways according to the different production needs, or the different aesthetic cuts that the customer wants to give to his machine tool.

Completed the “made-to-measure” production, before painting and delivery, each fairing is assembled and tested in the company, to allow the customer to verify its correct functioning. Thanks to structural modifications to the floor (pit), Metal Gennari is able to test and show its customers fairings up to 10 meters high.

Made to measure, even large

Since April 2009, a pit of m. 13 x 6 3.5 m deep, which allows us to assemble and test fairings up to 10 m high.

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Examples of production

Our housings are made according to the customer’s needs, studying the most suitable and adoptable solutions in each individual case, respecting aesthetics, functionality, resistance and practicality both on new machine tools and in the case of retrofitting.