Filtration Systems

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Filtration Systems

Metal Gennari is able to propose the right solution for any request up to satisfy the needs and standards of the most advanced machine tools.

All this is possible thanks to the wide range of liquid filtration systems in our product portfolio: filtering systems characterized by the application of different types of filters (cyclone, cartridge, magnetic and paper) and combined systems (ECOFILTRO line).

The tank with the application of a gravity filtration purifier uses the fabric as a filter medium (the suspended particles of the lubricating-cooling liquid are retained by the filter fabric when they pass through it).

The filter must be mounted on a tank, which collects the purified liquid (which then, through the pump with which it was equipped, is put back into circulation in the machine tool), combined with a tank that collects the impurities.

It is particularly suitable for cases where a high degree of filtration is required (which can reach around 10 average microns).

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Self-cleaning systems

All the models of the ECOFILTRO line (drum filter of our production) are suitable for the filtration of the liquid in every chip removal process and guarantee a high degree of filtration combined with a high liquid flow rate.

They are equipped with an automatic system for regenerating the filter element, which makes them extremely efficient and versatile.

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By exploiting the hydrostatic load exerted on the filtering element, suitably supported by a perforated sheet drum, the liquid passes through the stainless steel cloth and pours into the cleaning tank, depositing the residues of mechanical processing on the cloth itself. Due to the progressive obstruction of the cloth, the liquid level will increase until a micro-switch is activated; this, in turn, will activate the counter-current washing by means of a bar with nozzles fed by an electric pump which draws in the purified liquid.

During the whole operation, a dredge acts on the bottom of the drum which disposes of the processing sludge and transmits the motion to the drum itself which, by rotating, causes its entire surface to be immersed in the liquid.

Replacing the filter media and restarting the system in a very short time: thanks to our new system, replacing the filter element is very easy to implement and above all it can be carried out with very short machine stops.

The numerous installations have shown that the maintenance necessary for the correct operation of the system is absolutely minimal. In case of need, thanks to the septum regeneration system, it is surprisingly fast even for inexperienced users and in any conditions of use.

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In order to minimize the quantity of liquid disposed of together with the sludge, it is possible to equip the system with suitable equipment which, by means of an inclined screw, recovers more than 90% of the liquid.

This system is economical, as it is not necessary to purchase the filter fabric and, moreover, the costs for the disposal of waste materials are reduced.

Special applications

The chip conveyors, both dredging and belt, are particularly suitable for being integrated with filtration systems capable of disposing and separating plastic material waste, chips in ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic material.