Self-cleaning plants



All models of the ECOFILTRO's line (drum filter that we manufacture) are recommended for the liquid filtration in every process with chips removal; they provide a high degree of filtration with a high flow of the liquid. They are equipped with an automatic system for the cleaning of the filtering element that makes it efficient and versatile.


Exploiting the hydrostatic head that is applied to the filtering element, the coolant across through the stainless steel cloth and it goes inside the tank of the clean, the mechanical process rejections are deposited on the cloth. Because of the gradual obstruction of the cloth, the fluid level will increase until it will operate a micro switch that it will activate the counter-current washing, by means of a nozzles bar fed by a motor pump. Inside the filter operates a dredge that is put in rotation by a geared motor, it provides the removal of the mud coming from the working process and transmits the movement to the drum that turns and provides that all the surface should be immersed in the fluid.


Replacing of the filtering baffle and system restart in very short time: thanks to our new system, the replacing of the filtering element is very easy to make and mainly can be made with very short machine stops. The several systems that have been used highlighted how, the maintenance needed for the correct functioning of the plant, is absolutely minimum. When necessary, thanks to the system of filter cleaning, it is surprising quick also for inexperienced users and in every working conditions.



In order to reduce to the minimum the quantity of the fluid eliminated with the mud, it is possible to equip the system with an appropriate device that by means of a tilted scroll recovers more than 90 % of fluid.


This system is economic, because it isn’t needed to buy filtering paper and moreover the costs for reject material disposal are reduced.  


1. Inlet coolant to filter

2. Filtered coolant exit

3. Chips exit

4. Nozzles bar

5. Counterwashing pump

6. Filtered coolant tank

7. Motor gearbox


Flow rate from 50 to 1400 litres/minute of emulsion (in case of whole oil, reduce it of 50%);

Filtering rate until 20 micron average;

Stainless steel cloth;

Possibility of customized process cycles.


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