Chip conveyors

The vast experience gained in many years of collaboration with builders and users of machines for removing chip allows us to offer our clients a wide range of products to make chip disposal and coolant filtration easy, cost-effective and efficient. The different models of our chip conveyors can be used both where spaces are limited and the production of chips moderate and also where there are big volumes to be disposed and particularly heavy and harsh applications. The sliding guides are produced (or covered, depending on the situation) in hardened and tempered steel; when necessary, the covering may affect the bottom or the whole chain sliding guides.


Belt chip conveyors

Flexible enough to be applied the removal of extremely voluminous and tough chip as well as the removal of small and malleable chip.


PITCH 31.75 mm 50 mm 63.5 mm 75-100 mm
THICKNESS 20/10 30/10 40/10 40/10
ROLL DIAMETER 19.05 mm 31 mm 31.75 mm 40 mm
BREAKING STRENGHT 20000 n 35000 n 40000 n 60000 n

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