Each Metal Gennari product is manufactured on the basis of a technical drawing called “PROJECT”; for each order and according to the customer requirements, our technicians carry out a feasibility study and a preliminary draft that are submitted to the customer’s approval.

The customer, after having carried out all the necessary checks, entrusts us with the preparation of the final and detailed drawing, which is necessary for the manufacturing.

The elaborated drawing allows us to operate with precision and accuracy, obtaining an excellent final result. This is why we consider the DESIGN one of the most important steps of every order, and not only a supplementary aspect, which completes a positive outcome, both from the functional as well as from the aesthetic point of view.

The knowledge gained through many years of experience, and the constant research for innovative solutions and systems - sometimes conceived by us - have brought our DESIGNERS to a high level of know-how, which allows us to offer our customers the ideal solution for every requirement.


 CE certification and instruction manuals 

Metal Gennari, in a perspective of a closer collaboration with its own customers, offers a complete service that starting from the project arrives to a finished and, when required, documented and certified product compliant with EC regulations.

The EC marking, always applied to all chip conveyors and filtration systems, has been extended to machine tools guards too.

All guards developed by Metal Gennari, when expressly required and in compliance with the current Machine Directive 2006/42/EC, are delivered with an instruction manual and a conformity declaration.

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